Diving on the Edge
Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Flying Dragon Ltd
ISBN: 1558215409
$12.99 + $2.99 S&H

Diving on the Edge is an informative and philosophical look at recreational scuba diving, and the first book to bring to the novice the latest cutting-edge information gleaned from technical or advanced diving. Chapters include a short look at the history of scuba, a diving-equipment primer, tips for getting certified, rules for basic underwater safety that go beyond what certification courses teach - and that's just the beginning. Diving on the Edge proposes that certain advanced skills are critical for beginners and must be fully understood and mastered before diving can be performed safely and intelligently. This book is a must for the novice as well as the advanced diver, a prerequisite to becoming truly educated about the sport. (6 X 9, 176 pages, illustrations)


"The key to minimizing risks is information," and "Instruction is cheap compared to hospital time." Bane shares these quips and more in this easy-to-read guide that makes you feel as if you were having a one-on-one conversation with an experienced diver whose mantra is--safety first. What do you do if you have 20 minutes of bottom time at 110 feet and you run 30 or 35 minutes? Such situations require preplanned solutions that Bane refers to as "appropriate mental index cards for potential problems." This book effectively balances firsthand advice with strategies and essential questions any diver should ask, whether venturing into the Ca-ribbean on a honeymoon or wreck diving (exploring shipwrecks) in Lake Michigan. Environmental ethics, proper equipment, instructors to avoid, the dangers of deep diving (anything below 100 feet), and risks of decompression sickness get equal coverage. All divers need instruction, proper gear, and a certification card; and they will surely minimize their risks by heeding the advice provided here. Brenda Barrera

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