Paperback: 246 pages
Publisher: Wilderness Press; 1st edition (June 1, 2000)
ISBN: 0899972659

Over the Edge is a gripping account of one man's exploration of the world of extreme sports, a world where risk is a fact of life and death is always lurking around every corner. Bane's adventures on, around, and over the edge have taken him across the country and around the world, where he has tackled hair-raising and heart-stopping challenges including:
-Kayaking off waterfalls
-Diving in treacherous underwater caves
-Marathon in Death Valley
-Swimming in shark-infested waters to complete a triathalon
-Enduring subfreezing temperatures and an avalanche to climb Denali
-Bicycling throuigh Colorado's mountains at more than 45 miles per hour and more!

Everyone makes lists, but the baker's dozen of personal challenges that Michael Bane came up with to test the breaking points of body and soul are literally breathtaking. The adventures he exuberantly narrates are the extreme of the extreme, like swimming from Alcatraz Island, running through Death Valley, bicycling the Rocky Mountains, and climbing Mt. Denali. Along the route of his audacious odyssey, he meets his share of fascinating fellow extremists, one of whom describes the author as a kind of "George Plimpton from Hell," an apt depiction, to be sure, of man intent on journeying to a daringly engaging version of hell and back.


"How did Michael Bane become the George Plimpton from hell?"
-- Wall Street Journal

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